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this is deja vu news live from berlin the next phase of india's vast general election kicks off this time the rest of region of kashmir goes to the polls security there is tight local separatists are calling for a boycott of the election after a recent escalation of violence in the year. also coming up germany calls a special session of the united nations security council to discuss the crisis in libya but members are split over a surge in violence in the capital tripoli. and in the champions league quarter finals an unforgettable evening manchester city and tottenham share seven goals on
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a breathless night of soccer we take a look at a game that had fans biting their nails for ninety minutes. i'm sumi so was god it's good to have you with us. polling stations have opened in parts of india as a second phase of the country's general election gets underway one of the constituencies voting today is in trying to guard the main city in indian controlled kashmir a security lockdown has been imposed on the city where several parties have called for a boycott of the election kashmir featured heavily in campaigning after a suicide attack there brought india and pakistan to the brink of war in february a total of ninety five constituencies across india are casting ballots today india's election is taking place in seven stages over a six week period ending next month. let's bring in deed of usenet michel jai
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squashy is a following the elections for us from delhi hina misha so kashmir really is taking center stage in this second rounds a second round of elections. well definitely so many it's not just the second round in fact it's through the selection that has been talked about very closely meet me is happening over five feet as is and they actually decided against another level of elections in kashmir because of security concerns in srinagar in the capital there's a heavy deployment of security there's actually a watch was shut down in the city and because the separate does tolls to boycott this election many waters are concerned so far polling tone out in that itself has been little while another constituency has seen a strong water to not push midis are wilting on the one hand on the very strong b.g.p. retorted to egypt's prime minister no religion will be spotty to almost crack down on the freedoms that kashmiris enjoy as of now a special status for the state while the opposition says that it would protect the
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status with not just fish midis watering for their own status all over india will will focus on the issue of kashmir you know we've also seen social media really playing a big role in campaigning tell us more about that. well so much social media is definitely essential because just coming back to the numbers that is the selection is about numbers you know just the just by the number of smartphone users have actually tripled since the last general election for fifty million users of smartphones in the country right now smartphone penetration has skyrocketed india has the largest markets off what's often facebook and even the election commission a stick in north and for the first time the election commission of india which is basically the authority that monitors the election is watching candidates online behavior so candidates have to toe the line the way they have to do in japanese and offline advertising for the first time ever in india as electoral history we actually went down to the southern state of karnataka to meet with one such young
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candidate who heavily uses social media to reach out to waters to find out how he's appealing to the masses while also ensuring that he told the line that the election commission is drawing. probably going to vote party or this could be just recent. for that student of the south indian city of bengal to a lawyer and a member of parliament joining us a lot of order for the recall at twenty eight he is the youngest candidates from the ruling b.g.p. to contest these elections. as temperatures soared above to five degrees on the soft be just me goes out of his to read to greet and knowledge every constituent he sees each not in read is an appeal for words. but despite the palpable excitement of supporters and party locals the politician is at best reaching a few hundred overtrain sweltering odds. on to be just we can reach over one hundred thousand followers in
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a flash most of our young people to be gone before ones. are telephoned to the army by phone to be is a point of. information as well as entertainment so. politically the greatest political. that we have to be is the smartphone in our hands. since the last national board smartphone usage in india has to pollute to a staggering four fifteen million. election authorities trying to ensure free and fair elections have taken no. one's going to catch your eye is the colorful talk behind me which belongs to the beach every candidate who is holding an election rally but no lipstick with a friend is this very hard to my right which belongs to the election commission of and their election commission close even one of those everything a candidate does be it on that is already advertising but for the first time ever in getting a free election commission of india is also watching what is going to be done
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online on social media platforms like twitter and facebook. policing the world wide web there is no easy down. form such as facebook which is all for a high degree of customization to the advertisers which are good political parties the information offered chooses. so what you have is the perfect. political message which makes it incredibly powerful. but social media can also be problematic dangerous when he has been criticised for tweets opposing reservations for women and supporting the b j p's hindu nationalist agenda he has even want to gag order on the media to prevent reporting on what he called stephanie tree allegations. but now a group of friends and supporters is harder to work to boost his online image. the content just kept young and peppy to resonate with the just response on
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a political cartoons like these in addition help directly establish prime minister narendra modi's support for the young candidate. social media to you must also ensure ethical content that all those official guidelines. social media is there to believe ford works with is really really more in control of what happens online and since it was all user base or word order or goes online from these these are going . on going to good. supporters meanwhile exuberance to be what it about privacy and be camille's but it is what happens online that may well decide this election. nimish i just while reporting for us there now to some other stories making headlines around the world north korea has demanded washington remove secretary of state mike compare from any future nuclear talks a foreign ministry spokesman described pompei zero as in mature and reckless
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earlier north korean media as have the country's military had tested a new tactical guided weapon that is the first report of weapons tests and half a year. the u.s. justice department plans to release or were directed version of special counsel robert muller's investigation into alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen us elections which put current president donald trump in office democrats are calling for the publication of the entire report in an on redacted for. cathedrals across france rang their bells at six fifty local time on wednesday to commemorate the fire at notre dame tributes took place in paris leone and strasburg despite the destruction much of the cathedral could be saved france plans to hold an architectural contest to design a new spire for the cathedral. a six point one magnitude earthquake has rattled buildings and disrupted transport in taiwan but there are no immediate reports of serious damage of the quake struck near the city of while the n.
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on taiwan's eastern coast rail services parts of the country were temporarily suspended for safety checks after the quake. germany has called for an emergency meeting of the un security. council to discuss a search and fighting in the libyan capital tripoli forces loyal to libyan army commander are battling to seize control of tripoli from the internationally recognized libyan government shelling of tripoli has increased and more than two hundred people have been killed since the offensive began this month. images of war intended to demonstrate the progress of khalifa haftar tars troops this may be propaganda but it does show that the battle for tripoli is escalating. this week the city center was hit by rockets for the first time emergency workers reported civilian casualties according to the u.n. at least a hundred ninety people have been killed since fighting began in early april. for
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libya's interior minister the conflict has reached a new level of illegality and this is a community. and. it is beautiful but you cannot believe the one he killed his people like this and that the united nations is evacuating migrants and refugees from camps in tripoli's south to rescue them from the fighting but two thousand seven hundred people are trapped close to the front i'm could get caught up in combat that they're trapped by the fighting so it's a race against time to try and relate them to safety because it's really a matter of life or death so it's really critical that we really get them to safety the bombs are getting closer worries that fighting may escalate even further are growing the libyan government is warning of a new wave of refugees with europe as their goal. german chancellor angela merkel has expressed her shock and sadness for the victims of
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a bus crash on the portuguese island of madeira the accident killed at least twenty nine people with many of them reported to be german tourists the bus plunged down a hillside of the modern capital one child on wednesday night. a holiday turned tragedy portuguese authorities words into the night to clear the wreckage. the bus plunged into a house after the driver lost control on an embankment. rescuers were able to pull some people out alive but for many it was too late the driver has reportedly survived authorities are now investigating the cause. and from a sophomore seems a cool the information we have from the company is that the bus was relatively new machine when it was just five years old but apparently safety rules were followed that it's premature to talk about the cause of the accident was was the dance the
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diplomats. the crash happened early wednesday evening in a small town east of the island's capital. madera is a popular tourist destination most of the victims were from germany. the german foreign ministry has set up a hotline for families of the victims madeira has announced three days of mourning . sports now and in the czech and league quarter finals tottenham edged out manchester city on the away goals rule in one of the most dramatic matches in the competition's history the spurs held a one goal advantage heading into the second leg which proved crucial at the end of a breathless ninety minutes. the pregame atmosphere in manchester suggested a memorable much awaited and it didn't disappoint his right name sterling put city ahead after just four minutes a quick fire double from shaun min sun soon put spurs back in the driver's seat by
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city's bernardo's silva brought the game level again moments later to two or four goals coming in the first eleven minutes of the match city scored twice more through stirling and sergio aguero are the side of half time to take a four two advantage on lisa fernando the red tape to give spurs a novel precious away goal in the seventy third minute city thought they'd sealed i dramatic last gasp winner through stirling in injury time. but the video referee ruled it out for offside. elation turned to devastation for city despite a full three win spurs on cloud nine off to selling their sport in the final four. and that defeat ended city's bid to win four trophies this season and means the wait goes on for coach pep guardiola to make his mark in the champions league with manchester he didn't hide his disappointment after the game three.
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all right bert having some problems with the sound barrier from pep guardiola sorry about that but let's go to the other quarterfinal now a german coach jurgen klopp liverpool defeated porto four one to stroll through to the final four thirty on monday opened the scoring after twenty six minutes and mohamed salah made it to nil to liverpool after the break porto grabbed a goal back on sixty nine minutes but roberto for nino and virgil van dyke sealed the dominant second leg win for the reds they won the tie six one on aggregate so was just fourteen days left in the competition let's take a look at the draw for the champions league semifinals tottenham's reward for the win over city is a clash with the tournaments surprise i accept amsterdam and a barcelona stand in the way of a second consecutive final for liverpool the first legs kick off in just under two weeks' time. and reminder of our top story here and voting has begun in the second
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phase of india's vast general election polling in charge mirrors taking place under tight security after a recent player from violence in the disputed region. coming up next the booming business of cyber crime our documentary after a short break thank you for watching to. inform. your. language courses. you need to learn anywhere. w. your son.


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